Whips that pop

Danielle & Lance

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WHIPS THAT POP (Intermediate): This class is an introduction to whip-pops or “whops”. It will incorporate progressions to both whips and Icarian pops, as well as whip-pops. First we work on progressions to whips including monkey swings, spring loaded swing from straddle pike to bird, Tarzan swings, and then whipping through to bird on hands. Next we practice several Icarian pops including plank to plank, throne to throne, throne to plank, plank to throne, “strong squirrel” pop to throne. Then we begin combining the skills: bird drop swing to plank, pop to throne. We give the option to add tempo pop, and then the full skill, bird drop whop to throne. The peak skill flow is whip to bird on hands; transfer to throne; pop from throne to bird; bird drop whop to throne; back walkover out. (Prerequisites: Pop from bird to straddle throne with hands connected- Preferred: some familiarity with whips)