Nathan Price & Isis clegg-vinell

nathan and isis

“Nathan and Isis have been working together for over a decade, and have travelled the world performing with companies like Cirque du Soleil, The 7 Fingers and La Soiree.

They’ve been involved in multiple creations, helping to shape and form new shows from the ground up. They’ve brought their unique choreography, death-defying acrobatic technique and what they called ‘a bit of cheeky British charm’ to theaters and events across the globe.

Through the Standing Acrobatics website and instagram account they are sharing their passion for acrobatics and hand to hand with more and more people. They’ve coached Hand to Hand all over the world to 100’s of people. They’ve been described as having a ‘frank, brutal and often hilarious teaching style’, if you like acrobatics and sarcasm you’ll love them.”


Ryan Hamity & Cassie Drew

ryan and cassie

Ryan found his love for partner acrobatics in 2009, following his career as an elite level cyclist. He spent the following years refining, teaching, and performing his talent of balancing others on his hands and feet. He became a certified Acro Yoga teacher in 2012 and has a strong belief that foundation and technique can allow any individual to excel to a high level acrobat. He has performed with the circus troupe Fractal Tribe and brings a strong focus on presentation into what he teaches. He is also a head coach at Pitch Catch School of Acrobatics as well as the OSEGA Sport Acro team based in Asheville, NC.

Cassie has been performing and teaching a variety of circus arts since 2007. From 2012-2016 she worked as a full-time performer, teacher and director for Fractal Tribe Circus, traveling internationally with them and sharing her joy for circus arts. In 2015, she also joined up with Pitch Catch Circus for their inaugural year as one of their head coaches, and continues to coach with them currently. She is a certified personal trainer and has knowledge and experience in teaching both kids and adults in partner acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, gymnastics, hand balancing, tumbling, strength, flexibility, and performance choreography. One of Cassie’s biggest joy in life is being upside down! She aims to inspire others through her own creative movement, and show people that acrobatics can be accessible to all!



ellio blox
Blox has nourished a lifelong fascination for peering over edges and discovering footholds in the unlikeliest of places. A full-time world-traveling teacher with his company Blox Acrobatics, he offers intelligent teaching on a deep bag of tricks. Blox is a coach at Pitch Catch Circus School of Acrobatics in Asheville, NC, is a member of the Partner Acrobatics teaching team on intensives and teacher trainings, and has performed partner acrobatics across North America and the Caribbean with his performing arts and production company, Acrodisiac. Rooted in many years of pedagogic study, acrobatics training under world-class teachers since 2010, and a commitment to health and happiness, Blox is a powerful resource for acrobatic advancement and personal growth.


John Marquiss & Christine Moonbeam

john and christine moonbeam
Christine Moonbeam:
Christine is co-founder, director and a lead teacher at
LIFT School of Acrobatics, Coach at Pitch Catch Circus, a RYT 200 with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from the University of Iowa. She began studying dance & tumbling and teaching at an early age and competed throughout the country in all disciplines earning numerous accolades & awards. She taught & choreographed throughout her dance career beginning at age of 13 through her studio’s student mentorship program. At LIFT trainings, Christine facilitates and mentors up and coming LIFT apprentices and teaches dance, tumbling, partner acro and handstands. She has spent the last 4 years developing LIFT, traveling and teaching around the US, Europe, Asia, and Mexico.
Christine was first introduced to partner acrobatics while working with a youth social circus for underserved youth in Washington D.C. called Zip Zap Circus. It was here that her passion for acro and handstands started to take flight! She has been studying partner acrobatics and handstands ever since with Dutch teachers, sports acro, and circus coaches in the US and Europe. Her handstand training has been most influenced by coaches, Jean Luc Martin from the San Diego Circus Center, Yuval Ayalon of “Yuval on Hands” and Sainna from the London School of Handbalancing.
Christine’s more than 20 years of training and teaching have given her a well developed eye for alignment and movement, and her ability to give skillful and compassionate feedback leads to student success. She is an advocate of acro as an inclusive, artistic co-creation that develops practitioners through healthy relationship and dedication to empowering each other in their role. Christine believes partner acrobatics is a powerful tool for self-discovery.

John Marquiss
Certified Acro Revolution Teacher
Certified Partner Acrobatics Teacher
Certified AcroYoga International Teacher
Four time Pitch Catch Circus Graduate

John is passionate about travel (102 countries and counting) and building community. In pursuit of his mission to connect with acro communities around the world, John was the first person to practice AcroYoga on all seven continents. And he will continue to claim he is the first until someone else tells him they’ve done it before him.


Jacob Brown & Debbie Colliss

jacob and debbie
Jacob got into gymnastics when he was sixteen and ended up teaching for ten years. In 2010 a friend introduced him to acro and he fell in love with this art form right away. He loved how all acrobatics moves are like puzzles which you work out with your friends. Jacob is known for making dozens of washing machines and for putting hundreds of videos on acrobatics on his YouTube channel. In 2014 Jacob became a certified Acro Revolution Teacher in the first ever class of 2014 and in 2017 he helped to teach the 7th Acro Revolution Training. Jacob and Debbie have been doing acro for five years, teaching together for four years, and have been a couple for three years. They have taught all over the world, from Divine Play to South America to the Israeli Acro Convention.

Debbie Collis started taking gymnastics when she was a kid. Thanks to her training in her youth, she has the strength, balance, and poise to make partner acrobatics very beautiful. Debbie’s long straight legs and pointed toes are the envy of the acro world. Debbie loves the connection and flow she can find with a partner. She can forget about the whole world while flowing in complex acrobatic movements. She has a talent for teaching. Students say that she is sweet and has a good eye for form. She loves practicing until she gets a move perfectly and she has made many of her own new washing machines. In 2017 Debbie became a certified Acro Revolution Teacher. They both live in Springfield, Oregon, USA.


Danny & Aniane Smith

Danny and Aniane
We are The AcroSmiths (Danny & Aniane). We are a husband and wife team who love to spend our days together playing, learning, and growing. We are always willing and happy to share everything we know to spread the joy of acro. We met in the mid 1980’s in Germany while Danny was stationed there in the U.S. Army. We fell in love with partner acrobatics after attending a workshop in Atlanta. We continue to hone our skills and knowledge of acrobatics by attending numerous workshops, trainings, and intensives through out world.


Micah & Monica Hartsfield

micah and monica1
Micah and Monica Hartsfield are long-term cheerleaders. They both cheered in college at Tennessee Tech University and the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Micah and Monica both were 5 year professional cheerleaders for the Tennessee Titans. Both were on the sidelines cheering at the Superbowl in January of 2000. Micah and Monica owned a state-of-the-art cheerleading and tumbling facility for 8 years in Columbia, TN, known as Columbia Athletics, where they offered cheerleading, tumbling, All-Star Cheerleading, power-tumbling, and Sports Acro. They have a wealth of knowledge and skill to offer. They lead the Martin Methodist cheerleaders to the 2016 NAIA national championship. Micah and Monica coached Martin Methodist College for most of a decade. Lift School of Acrobatics Certified Teachers. Both of these coaches have returned home. They are the current cheer, dance, mascot coaches for competition and game day at Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, TN. #wingsup
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Dustin Delrio & Ashley Dance

dustin and Ashley

Owners of a local gym Calisthenics Training Center: Ashley and Dustin have been coaching body weight training and conditioning for the last 12 years. They have trained and coached partner acrobatics for the last 4 years. They specialize in whips, pops, foot to hand, and hand to hand.


Brandon Barker & Chelsea Cherie

brandon and chelsea

Brandon and Chelsea began dancing together in late 2009. What can only be described by the both of them as “Divine Intervention” they were blessed enough to work with the World Cabaret and Exhibition Champion Victor da Silva who started the two dancers on their competitive career with only a few simple words “They could be really good get them to competition!” Follow that statement with Hanna Karttunnen entering the picture and taking Brandon and Chelsea under her wing as well, and you have a winning start to a beautiful partnership. They trained for months until their 1st event a regional competition in the state of Ohio and on their very first appearance competing together scored 1st out of 8 couples it was an amazing start to their journey as dancers!
Since then they have continued with regional and national competitions constantly striving to better their dancing each time they perform.
Fred Astaire Ohio Regional Cabaret/Show-dance Champions 2010-2016
Ohio Regional Cabaret and Show-dance Champions 2010-2016
Fred Astaire World Cabaret Champions 2014
United States Finalists in Cabaret (USDC) 2014
World Cabaret Championships Finalists (USDC) 2014
Fred Astaire Ohio Regional American Rhythm Style Champions 2013-2016
Ohio Regional Rising Star Finalists in American Rhythm
Performance for the Halftime show of the Cleavland Cavaliers
Blackpool World Dance Festival Finalists (4th in the World)


Ryan Gibson & Christina Baez

ryan acrbro and christina

Ryan Gibson was a former college competitive cheerleader turned sports acrobat who has performed globally as a member of AcroArmy.
Christina Baez is a former collegiate competitive gymnast who has been performing and teaching acrobatics for the last 5 years.


Scott Cooper & Jenay Esplnosa

scott cooper

Scott Cooper is an acrobat who has been practicing and teaching since 2011. He has studied Acroyoga, Dutch style acrobatics, circus performance, sports-acrobatics, dance lifts, cheer-leading, etc.. Scott blends principles from all of these styles in order to create maximum versatility in partner movement. For 2 years, he trained and performed with AcroSanct under the tutelage of Master Chinese Acrobat Lu-Yi. He was a performer on the 2017 tour of the Broadway musical, Pippin – facilitated by Seven Fingers. He now travels all over the world to teach and perform.

Jenay Espinosa was born and raised California. Jenay’s journey to becoming a circus artist began at the age of two when she started gymnastics. She attended The National Circus School in Montreal to further her skills as a circus artist and graduated in 2017. She has performed with Les 7 doigts de la main. When she is not doing circus, she loves learning new things.


Micki Mooney & Jeremy Martin


Catch her if you can! Micki’s introduction to Acro was a happy accident: what started as a solution to a none-too-exciting Sunday afternoon quickly became whirlwind of acro-adventures around the country. After completing Acro Revolution Teacher Training in 2014, her love of traveling acro led her to co-founding AcroEverywhere (host of the Philadelphia Phlight Festival) – because location is no obstacle if there’s an opportunity to play! Her most recent adventure is co-owning and operating Rebel Circus Arts in Philadelphia, when you can’t run away to join the circus, you make the circus join you! When not upside-down with her fellow monkeys, she can be found caring for other furry beasts in her right-side-up job as a small animal veterinarian.

Jeremy Martin
Fitness Professional since 2001: personal trainer, yoga instructor, strength coach, and avid acroyoga enthusiast. Born in NYC, but now traveling as @HomelessYogi.
We all walk different paths. The human body is how we walk, run, duck, climb, and shuffle through life. He teaches people how to move efficiently and effectively: the gym, home, outdoors, everywhere.
Jeremy has a diverse skill set and prefers to be a jack of all trades. He strongly believes in the human bodies adaptability, and is constantly surprised by our physical and mental capabilities.
You can find Jeremy teaching at festivals and workshops with his partner, Micki Mooney. Or you might see him busking on the streets of NYC. He also created as a way to help muggles learn about the magic of acro.


Josh & Sara Romeo

josh romeo and sara romeo

Josh and Sara are a husband and wife duo with accolades including Cirque du Soleil performer database, SAG stunt performer, Guinness World Record holder, American Ninja Warrior finalist, ACE certified personal trainer, NASM certified personal trainer, Physical Therapist Assistant, University of Miami, FL Co-Ed Cheer Team, multiple time gymnastics state qualifier, over 15 years of combined coaching experience.


Sean Langhaus & Emily Lesinski


Sean founded, operates, and teaches at Warrior Bridge studio in lower Manhattan and has a movement background in martial arts, yoga, hand balancing and acrobatics. Emily is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and teaches yoga, handstands and acrobatics. Together they co-lead Acro Warrior Teacher Trainings.


Reno Gorman


Reno is a bad ass acrobat and handbalancer from Sacramento CA. He can handstand on just about anything and anyone, and as a mid he often bases what he flies, making him a well rounded acrobat and teacher. He’s been teaching acro since 2014 as a certified Acro Revolution teacher and has been teaching yoga and handstands since 2007.


Aaron & Amanda Holm

aaron and amanda
Amanda & Aaron have been teaching and sharing their love of acro with others for several years. Their classes focus on safety and progressions, making challenging skills accessible.
In 2017 they sold their house and became digital nomads. They are currently traveling the country in a RV teaching, training, playing, and having fun. Amanda has a master’s degree in education and training and Aaron is a Lift certified teacher.



Ahad Kebede

My gymnastics training goes back to my years in high school and collage, from 2000 to 2008 ( skills include tumbling, teeter-board, handstands, wall-walking, pair-stunting and group-stunting). We performed throughout the country and overseas. Most memorable performance was for the Chicago Bulls Half time show.
What delights me the most about acrobatics is being able to work in unison with individuals from various backgrounds to create something spectacular!

A little about myself:
My profession is in healthcare, as a travel Nurse Practitioner. Hobbies include various sports, traveling to remote destinations and learning.


Jack Carter & Kiana Ferrell


Jack is a USA Gymnastics Certified Coach, an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Acro Revolution Teacher and a working circus artist who brings a lifetime of teaching experience, energy, enthusiasm and an eye for safety to beginner and advanced students alike. Jack has taught from coast to coast, in Central America and in Hawaii.

Kiana has 18 years of dance training and nearly ten years of instruction experience from ballet, modern and contemporary dance to yoga and now beginner and intermediate partner acrobatics. Kiana and Jack enjoy teaching and performing together most of all!