No One Puts Baby in A Backtuck

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Area 7
Nathan & Isis
No One Puts Baby in A Backtuck – Back Somersault to Baby / Koala + More Come and learn unique, crowd pleasing back somersaulting skills from reverse foot to hand and pitch. For this years American Acrobatics Convention we’re going super advanced. We’re gonna throw, we’re gonna flip, we’re gonna catch. Because of the advanced nature of this workshop we’re going to require you to also have attended our ‘Tempro’ workshop as well, and have some experience with somersaulting skills. We will not teach you how to back tuck or how to tempo in this workshop, we will teach you how to combine them safely, smartly and fucking cool-ly. PreReqs: Somersault experience, Took our ‘Tempro’ workshop, incredibly stable standing RF2H.