Class Descriptions

From Feet2Hand to Foot2Hand – The Road to Mono!
A solid F2H is a necessity for any acrobat. However, it doesn’t stop there. Learning how to take this balance onto one foot is where you can really dial into the intricacies and truly find room to play. We will teach you the structure and technique to create a solid mono F2H and then we will show you how to take what you learned down the catwalk! (pre-req: Solid 15 second standing F2H,

So You Think You Can Adagio
Come learn some fun dynamic adagio transitions that will help spark your creative juices and provide some great material to build off of if you are looking to take your practice to the stage. We will show you some great crowd pleasers and show you how to make the most out of your moves (pre-req: Standing bird and standing high side-star)

Dynamic Whip Entrances
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
Explore ways to move from standing, jumping, and popping directly into whips!

Prerequisite: Stability and consistency in Swan Dive & Icarian experience

2 Blind Monkeys
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
Learn to focus on the connection between you and your partner as you work together to base and fly a variety of washing machines without sight.

Prerequisites: Mono star press, F2H, familiarity with washing machines

Coordination & Control washing machines (teachers: Tamin, Emily)
In this class, we will focus on washing machines that emphasize coordination, control and calibration for flyer and base, using some traditional washing machine transitions intermingled with inversion based transitions reminiscent of shoulder stand, chest stand, scorpion and forearm balances / bicep balances as well as some foot to hand, and bird on hands transitions. Peak skills include transitions such as waterfall from reverse star pop to foot to hand, tuck sit to side star, front split on hands whip to bird, and bow calf on feet to scorpion on hands.
Pre-reqs: Ease with most washing machines – Monkey frog, Spider Roll, Helicopter, Swimming Mermaid, Catherine’s Wheel, and Prasarita Twist.

Acrolignment (teachers: Tamin, Emily)
Clean up the fundamentals of your acro practice! Finding proper alignment in your body and calibrating your alignment with your partner’s alignment to find the “stack” of least resistance in the most basic to the most advanced poses will create graceful ease in your acro practice and prevent injury, while increasing your strength, control, coordination and flexibility. In this class, we will define & describe basic anatomical positions necessary to complete the most common acro maneuvers, making the flyer “light and tight” and the base “strong and soft” through each acro skill. A few simple movements through your shoulder girdle and hip girdle on your mat will create astonishing stability and control as the flyer moves through various planes of space and the base transitions the flyer maintaining the proper joint center of gravity. We will teach the correct anatomical alignment for both flyer and base for each pose and where/how the force transfers from flyer to base.
Pre-reqs: none

Class Name: Whip, Flip, Pass – Trio Whips and Pops

Description: Whips and Pops are always crazy fun, and the good times only get better when you add more friends! Join us for a unique spin on the world of whips and pops. Featuring multiple bases, the fun spreads around as flyers are tossed and spun around in all directions. These unique flows can be linked together to switch things up, keeping the excitement going.

Class Name: C’mon Ride That Train – Conveyor Belts

Description: Conveyor Belts, or Trains, are flows involving a line of bases, with flyers flowing from one base to the next as they move along down the line. Similar to many L-based flows, these sequences create new ways to play and move, as well as help grow comradery in the Acro community. Don’t miss out on this party!

Switch it Up
Switch it Up – break free from your acro identity and norms. A fun flow that will incorporate role and style switches, encouraging you to move outside of the box and into the fun zone! Intermediate class – prereqs include flag and bicep stand

Roll with It
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
Roll with It – this class will challenge your body and your mind as you learn different ways to roll solo and with a partner. These moves will be built into a sequence. Begintermediate – not sure there is a prereq, peak skills – handstand rolls

Bloody Handstands.
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
You will have pain, frustration and tears.
And then we will start.
Don’t expect unicorns or rainbows.
There are no magic tricks, there are no short cuts.

Swings & Trios
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
Who says threes crowd?
Make the most of the moment with several of your friends. Swing your friends, throw them and catch them all.

swingin and other group things
Swinging and group things Kiana, Jack and guests from Cloudbreak Circus
we just debuted our 70 minute production ‘the woods’ and we would love to share some of the amazing things beginners can do as a group. foundational drills for stacking and dynamics. no prereqs.

two-high skills for show offs 2.0
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
Two high for show offs Kiana, Jack and guests from Cloudbreak Circus
tips, drills and skills to get you basing three highs and stacks you never thought possible. no prereq. we have cut some drills and added some fun entry and exit work.

Insta poses
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
You know that folder you keep on Instagram called “photoshoot”? Juliette and Joseph know a thing or two about that.. Need proof? Check them out on Insta @juliettelauer and @acrotrainer, and be sure to hit follow 😉 Ever get into a pose and then think “I nailed the skill, but what to do with my face/hands/legs!”? They’ll teach you the skills first, and then we’ll teach you what to do to make your audience (be it a camera or a live audience) feel all the feels. Of course there will be a photoshoot at the end, and you can practice shooting your own photos.

Spin Me Right Round
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
Add some creative flair to your bag of skills with rotation! All kinds of rotation. Up, down, sideways, all around. Flyers will learn the foundations of a controlled, fluid spin and bases will learn to catch and throw a rotating flyer with ease. We’ll explore skills like barrel rolls, high side star full down, and adagio inspired movements.

Skills list
Barrel rolls (with two and/or with one base)
Cling to bases body and spin up to cradle
360 jump to embrace
Flyer turns into base, base spins flyer near ground
Star full down (peak skill)
Cradle 360 to shoulder sit (peak skill)

Lumberjack Stack/ Standing trios
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
Stack ’em high! In this class we’ll explore various standing stacks in 2- to 3-high. Show off these tricky poses and learn to safely and smoothly enter and exit. We’ll work safe progressions to bring poses from the ground to the air.

Pre-reqs Comfortable moving in 2-high

Liberty Parade!
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
Acro Cheer, partner stunts, acroyoga? Join Big Red and Little Bit as they mess the worlds of acroyoga and cheer. In this fusion class we’ll bring liberties, icarian pops, and washing machines in a fun new flow that will have you L-basing like a cheerleader!
30 second L-base foot to hand
Pop chair to chair

Slim Shady & The Naked Bastard
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
We are back with some machines that will challenge you! Not all machines are created equal, and these well they are…! Join us for a voyage outside the realm of normal.

Prerequisites: L base bird, shoulder stand, and Standing thigh stand.

The LoveCat Elevator and other fun stuff
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
There are so many ways to put a flyer in the air. Let us show you some. Cradle tosses, elevator, pop locates, we got em all. This class will be at the high end of intermediate, to advanced. It will be a blast.

Prerequisites: If you want to have success in this class you will need to have Solid standing hand to hand. Base should be able to hold a flyer in either hand i.e. croc, or side star.

SlackAsana 101, Intermediate SlackAsana, Slackro 101
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
SlackAsana is the art of yoga on a slack line. SlackAsana 101 covers the basics of stepping on a slack line, and performing a few simple poses. Slackro is a blend of slacklining and acrobatics. It teaches slack liners how to do acro, and acro yogis how to slackline.

Be Your Own Spotter – The Art of Falling
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
No pre-reqs, recommended for all skill levels, Learn from a professional stuntman and a gymnast how to fall safely. We will go over techniques for falling in just about any direction with the goal of preventing injury, increasing confidence when trying new skills, and by knowing how to save yourself when no one else can.

Flippin’ Flapjacks.
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
Intermediate class. PreReq: Popping straddle bat to star, experience with l-basing h2h.

Class: Pancakes pops- breakdown of pancake (back fly to reverse bird), breakdown of royal pancake (back fly to reverse throne).

Peak Skill: Royal Pancake

Pitch it, Change it, Rearrange it.
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
Intermediate class. PreReq: Stable Standing High Bird & Back-fly.

Class: Break down toe-pitching. Pitch to high bird. Pitch to back fly. Pitch to high bird on a second base (pass the flyer style).

Probably the most fun you could have waking around in a circle! (Russian Rolls)
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *

In this workshop, we will learn all the calibrations and techniques required to prepare you to successfully complete or recalibrate your Russian roll. We will work through the importance of footwork for both base and flier. We believe a Russian roll is one of the most equal partner balance skills and will stress the importance of working together to achieve success.

Base or fly 30-second F2H
Have attempted to base or fly F2H pistons
Base can press flier in F2H

Hold your hand2hand in mine (intro to standing H2H)
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
We will narrow down the mechanics needed to successfully learn this skill. We will go through basic progressions to find your sweet spots and your weak spots, and we will focus on handstands and why they’re so important for both the base and flier. In this edition, we will explore standing hand 2 hand and the elements required to either find the skill if you’re new to it or refine and quiet down the movement for those who are already attempting it.

Base and flier – 30 second handstand against the wall or 10 seconds free
Fly or base standing F2h
Fly or base low H2h 10 seconds
(If you have any questions about prerequisites or wish to work on them before the event, please let us know.)

Flippery when wet: icarian front tucks
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
Gabi and Sara’s description: progressions, tempo, and timing to work towards icarian front tucks, plus one and two person spotting techniques to keep you safe in the process
Josh’s description: front flip on feets, you want to learn it or not?
Pre reqs: ability to fly/base tempo icarian throne pops (good height will make this skill far more attainable). Forward roll for flyers.
Peak skill: icarian front tuck

Controlled Falling from the Sky
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
You know how to get into hand to hand, let’s play with some fun ways to get out! Lets flip, fly, and fall out of hand to hand and have lots of fun doing so. Please be ready to show a 5 second standing hand to hand with no base steps as a prerequisite for this class.

Standing AcroYoga – your first washing machine up high
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
Ninja Bat is so easy for you, you can probably do it with your eyes closed. But I bet you haven’t tried it standing! Who is ready to step up their game and do this up high?

Bounter Calances or Same Size counterbalances
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
: all levels class. description: do you want to look dope on instagram? are you just a few (hundred) followers away from that alo sponsorship? learn some fun new counterbalances to make that will have you saying “thank you for noticing” prereqs: thigh stand, foot flag, a good sense of humor

Trios Thai Massage – 2 on 1
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
Do you like massage? Do you like thai and therapeutics? What if 2 people were giving you a massage at the same time…come to this class to learn how to give and share massage as a duo. Get all relaxed after your day of acro awesomeness!

Thai and Fly
Detailed Class Description (including prerequisites and peak skills) *
Welcome to your basic Thai & Fly class – all levels welcome. Learn a few therapeutic acro stretches and then end the session with on the floor thai awesomeness.
I always throw in something new for those of you regulars.