Class Descriptions

Session 1
1. Go With The Flow Danny & Aniane (theacrosmiths)
Creative flow combining both L-Basing and Standing acrobatics. Prepare to be challenged and leave with smile on your face.
2.Two high for show offs Jack Carter & kiana
tips, drills and skills to get you basing three highs and stacks you never thought possible. no prereq
3.Intro to Acroyoga Sara Kat & Andrew Tynes
A class to get you started on your wonderful journey into L base acrobatics. no prereq
4.The Art of Falling Josh Romeo & Sara Musial
Be Your Own Spotter – The Art of Falling: no prerecs, recommended for all skill levels, Learn from a professional stuntman how to fall safely. We will go over techniques for falling in just about any direction with the goal of preventing injury, increasing confidence when trying new skills, and by knowing how to save yourself when no one else can. no prereq
5. Sports Acro Skills Ryan Gibson
Sports acro has some really fun skills that not many people in the AcroYoga world have seen yet. Let’s explore them!

Session 2
1.Icarian 101 lydia Fogo & Nick Johnson
Plank to throne and throne to plank pops with hands, reverse star, and extended L-base foot to hand. All of these skills should be able to be done safely without a spotter.

This class will introduce you to iciarin pops (L-base pops that lose contact) and take you through the fundamental iciarin pops including plank to chair, chair to plank, and reverse bird to reverse chair. Peak skills may include more intermediate pops such as whale to plank or reverse star to chair. Regardless of your level of experience with icarian pops, this class will strive to offer technical cues which will make these skills more accessible and understandable

2.Dance Flow. Micki Mooney & Jeremy Martin.
standing flow: A few clowns short of a circus, though, aren’t we? Pointed toes and pretty shapes are great but what happens when you want to entertain? Unleash your inner goofball on a standing flow created to crack the most serious of acro-scowls.
prereqs two left feet
3.Mutant Flow Dustin del Rio & Ashley Dance
The mutant flow is a mix of dynamic skills and transitions like pops, whops, whips, h2h, f2h, all connected into one giant flow.
prereqs comfort in H2H, F2H, whips and dynamic pops

4.Standing H2H Prep: All the Drills Eugene Perry & Sarah kim
Participants will learn drills needed to condition and build strength and technique in preparation of attempting standing h2h. No standing H2hs will be attempted in the class. A keen understanding of integrating technique, conditioning and safety drills to set the beginner/ intermediate practitioner up for success. Drills and skills will be offered for bases, fliers, spotters, as well as partnered drills drilling tempo. no prereq
5. Dundee Machines Steve Machalek & Tatiana
All the crocs, all the time! Get ready for some new twists on everyone’s favorite one-arm balance. These crazy flows push the limits of where your croc can take you. Lots of unique croc entrances and transitions will be covered in this class. Pre-reqs: Croc, Star, Reverse Star, Side Star, 4-Step

Session 3
1.Cheeracro Micah & Monica Hartsfield
Cheer stunts with acrobatic flare come learn from these two that always have original and fun content! no prereq
2.Acro Pyramids Danielle Duncan & Todd Delaune
In this class you will learn to stack people on people like human tetris! very unique and fun class!
no prereq
3.Advanced pops Volume 1 Noah & Simone Shipley & Andrew perlot & abigail
Advanced popping class. Peak skills (time permitting) include castaways – with and without hands – and royal pancakes – with and without hands. Also throne pops, throne 180s, elevators, half front and back flips. Pop to hand-to-hand and reverse hand-to-hand. prereqs its ADVANCED POPS DON’T BE DUMB!
4. AcroShibari Jarred Keener & Leigh Cordetti
In this class you’ll learn a Shibari rope tie that binds the flyer’s legs. This adds challenge even to familiar posses. Time will be allotted for exploration and flow.

Pre-reqs: You must come as a base/flyer pair with trust in your partner.
5. Mighty FLighty Micah ellinger & Rocco lapaire

Mighty flighty:

Strength Tricks for H2H pairs.

Scales, Levers, Flags, and other torturous sounding skills, possibly including:

-Bro Grip scales
-h2h lower to lever
-Muscle Up to extended
-Back lever on thighs
-pole flag on base
-Hand Stand on feet
-Press to/from h2h
-f2f split to Rh2h

Prerequisites: h2h hold without walking for 10 seconds

Session 4
1.Trios! Tami, Stephanie, & Courtney
Join Acro Revolution teachers Stephanie, Tami and Courtney for this fun and challenging trios class. Learn to base, mid and or fly L Based and standing trios. Intermediate level, pre reqs include star, rev star, thigh stand, base or fly high bird, 10 second handstand against wall.
2.Cheer Pyramids Andrew Halford & Adam Beeson
You will be doing cheer style pyramids in large groups where safety is most important. Pre reqs must be able to base and fly two high comfortably.
3.Whops Preston & Lauren
Link together some of the most fun and floaty skills in the acro world. In this dynamic class, we will explore ways to connect different whips and various pops for a whirlwind flow that will spin you around, send you flying and leave you dizzy. Please come prepared with a comfortable understanding of both whips and pops so that we can reach the peak skills during class! Prereq: swan dive, smooth bird drops, Icarian bird-> throne and throne -> bird, ninja spotting skills
4. Group Acrobatics Joy & Ben
Dynamic Group Acrobatics. This intermediate/advanced level class is every flyer’s dream! Using multiple bases, we will form small groups to toss, swing, carry, lift flyers into both foot2hand standing positions as well as hand2hand standing and other shapes (such as side star, arabesque etc.,). The peak skill would be hand2hand or foot2hand but getting there is more of the goal! Prereq: 10 second low hand2hand and 10 second standing hand2hand.
5. Intro to reverse Lbase H2H Jason & Laura
Learn Drills and skills to get you comfortably into and out of reverse lbase h2h and the fun world it can open up for washing machines and advanced skills like pops. prereq 30 second spotted or against wall handstand.
Session 5
1. Thai Massage Lydia Smith
Come feel like Gumby in a hot tub in this relaxing and beneficial class to sooth your muscles and get you ready for the next day.

session 1
1. Balance is Key Danny & Aniane
We will show you all the cool instagram ready balances that will make you look awesome, and get lots of likes. prereq must follow @theacrosmiths
2. Head Games Micah ellinger & Rocco lapaire

When you want to wear a hat but all you have is a human

Prerequisites: healthy necks for bases, Comfort jumping into h2h standing without running all over the place like an ant after you step on its anthill

3.Standing Poses Eugene Perry & Sarah kim
Participants will learn several fundamental poses and transitions between them in a fun and simple flow. Acrobatics concepts such as slow weight transfer, non verbal communication, safe dismounts, and sport skills will be presented and taken to different levels. Peak poses may include camel, arabesque, thigh stand, etc. As a beginner/ fundamentals class prereq include enthusiastic participation, willingness to learn how to self assess and spotting techniques.
4.Spin me Round Steve machalek & Tatiana
A series of flows with lots of rotation. With proper timing, technique, and calibration, these machines can become quite fast, and we will show you how to get there! prereqs none.
5. Hand Balancing Jack Carter & kiana
every series or workshop i teach on handstands gets a little better, especially for beginners, as i learn through experience which drills empower students to make the movements and shapes demanded in acrobatics. lots of drills on the hands, and even more off the hands, so students can strengthen their hands, shoulders and core to make a better handstand. prereqs none

Session 2
1. Intro to Lbase Hand to Hand sarah kat and Andrew tynes
Everyone loves to hold hands with their friends, but you’ll probably love holding hands with your friends while upside down even more (you definitely will if you’re an acro monkey). Andrew and Sarah are stoked to take you through intelligent progressions and training techniques that will take your L-base hand to hand game to the next level! Prerequisites: 30 sec Handstand (spotted or against the wall), 30 sec F2H, Star
2. Weird Icarian Micki Mooney & Jeremy Martin
Get off the hamster wheel and into the gyroscope. We all like flips (pun intended) but let’s do pops that turn and twist prereqs experience with pops and not dropping people.

3. AcroDance Stephen Hardie & Tami Coulson
This class will have you dancing, twirling, and soaring through the air. Steal the spotlight on any dance floor! Intermediate level and pre reqs include standing back fly, thigh stand, high bird, handstand 10 seconds against wall and cartwheels.
4. Get ups Ashley Dance & Dustin Del Rio
Mutant Roll-ups we will be teaching f2h, h2h, and needle rollups to standing from l-basing. prereqs. standing h2h, F2h and Lbase needle.

5. Swole Skillz Josh Romeo & Sara musial
comfortable in high and low F2H and H2H (should have 10 second holds in each), A sequence designed to make all parties sweat – moving through F2H and H2H, transitioning from low to high positions, and finding the balance in between. Will make you look like a beast.

Session 3
1. Star Wars Jarred Keener & Leigh Cordetti
The force will awaken this challenging pose in all its variations. Harness the power within to master star, reverse star, and each side star. no prereq

2. Advanced pops volume 2 Noah & Simone Shipley & Andrew perlot & Abigail
Advanced popping class. Peak skills (time permitting) include castaways – with and without hands – and royal pancakes – with and without hands. Also throne pops, throne 180s, elevators, half front and back flips. Pop to hand-to-hand and reverse hand-to-hand. prereqs DON’T BE DUMB it says ADVANCED
3. 4 person acro Todd Delaune & Danielle Duncan
four person acro its 4 person acro You must be able to balance something on hands and feet independently. Trios experience is highly recommended no partner needed.

4. Whips 101 Lydia Fogo & Nick Johnson
In whips 101 we will start with breaking down all the nuances that makes whips not only work but work effortlessly. We will build upon monkey swings and down ups until we get to the full swan dive. Once you have the foundations we will expand your whip practice with peak skills such as chair back-whip to bird, whale tail and whip transitions.
PreReqs: Whips are hard! You should come highly confident in a plethora of beginner washing machines before attempting these highly dynamic and dangerous skills. Spot free machines such as catherine’s wheel, monkey frog, ninja stars, and butterfly knife should be mastered before attempting these whips.
5. Intro to Reverse Standing H2H laura Groves & Jason Fraley
You will learn your way into the fun and exciting world of reverse Standing H2H and all the joy it has to offer. must have 30 second handstand against wall.

Session 4
1. M & Ms Micah & Monica Hartsfield
A class so sweet it will melt in your mouth and not your hands. A fun and exciting culmination of skills from a varity of acrobatic disciplines that will leave onlookers speechless. Prereqs high bird
2. Swing Dance Aerials Ryan Gibson
From Lindy Hop to Swing Dancing, there are some really fun aerial skills in the dance world that are fairly simple to learn and super fun to execute!

3. Gotta Get up to Get down Jason Smith & Maren
Maren and Jason are going to show you some awesome and fun ways to get into and out of 2High and F2H. Prereqs: Solid 2 High, solid 15 sec standing F2H (Shoulder stand pop-ups, Cradles, Bird down, etc)
4.Inlocates Ben Klein & Joy Chen

This intermediate/advanced level class teaches students how to find the right timing with their partner(s) for inlocating to hand2hand cleanly and smoothly using both L-based tempo methods from the ground and standing tempo methods using a second base. This class will help flyers fly stronger and with more of a “press” and bases exercise greater sensitivity in terms of supporting the flyer throughout the move. For more advanced duos, inlocate to high would be the peak skill. Prereq: 10 second low hand2hand and 10 second standing hand2hand.
5. Thai & Theraputics Lydia Smith
Come get your stretch on and help relax those tired muscles.